Driving on Nine

I drive to work.  Or is that commute?

I commute to work.  I don’t always like it.

Traffic sucks.  I am known to be an angry driver.  My goal this year is to calm down and slow down.  I have been trying to listen to different music such as classical or “spa” on my car’s satellite radio.  Sometimes I’ll listen to comedy and just enjoy a good laugh.

Getting to work on time isn’t an issue.  I always leave with plenty of time to spare.  Rarely am I late.  I mean very rarely.  Like only once in the last nine years at my job have I been late to work.  And that was in the first few months of trying to figure out where I needed to be.

It’s the drive home that sucks.  There’s no “set” time to get home.  I just want to get there.  Home is the place of peace and tranquility.  A place you dropped kicked your jacket as you came through the door- No one glared.

Wow, Mr. Belvedere was such a bad show.

Anyways.  I’m trying to slow my drive down as I come home.  Traffic or no traffic, the speed and anger at which I drive home needs to stop.  

My car is a machine made of glass and metal that could kill me or someone else and I need to respect that more often.


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