Hey Gawy 

I have a friend from years ago who could always make people laugh.  He loved doing voices and graphic art.  He would quote Jim Carey at the drop of a hat.  

Naturally he has become an animator here in Vancouver and has worked on many projects.  He has worked on “The Littlest Pet Shop”, “Escape From Planet Earth”, “MLP” and many others.  He is still in Vancouver and I think it’s time for me to meet up with him again.

When I was a teen in high school, I was originally friends with his older sister.  I still am.  It wasn’t until a year or so after I graduated, that my circle of friends and his circle of friends came together.  We would hang out and drink coffee, talk about story board ideas or play videogames.  Most of the time- just having fun.  Usually with groups of people.  It was rare that he wasn’t surrounded by numerous people.  He is a well loved and an amazing person.  

He also had an unusual past time.  He would use a VCR and record himself playing RPG videogames.  Or rather, the storyline of the game.  He would edit his game play so that only the scripted dialogue remained.  Surprisingly, the stories are quite intricate and fun.  After hours of him playing and editing the RPGs of the 90’s he would have a fun movie for us to watch.  

Much like a silent film, there was a bit of action with dialogue written on the screen.  Most of the action was of the characters walking and some fight scenes.  But the twist was for the dialogue- my friend would assign speaking parts to all those watching these.  It became a lot of fun.

His animation and creativity will supersede his legacy. One of my favorite shorts that a friend of his shared is a silly one titled “Hey Gawy“.  Worth watching for a quick giggle.

His love of storytelling never ended.  Besides his work in animation, he loved watching Professional Wrestling.  In fact, he and his wife got married in a Wrestling ring back in March 29, 2014.  (Happy Anniversary!) Unfortunately I missed the main event due to a convention.

I love seeing my friends succeed.  To me, success is measured in how well you touch someone’s life.  Steven has the unique ability to bring back fun memories into my mind even though we haven’t spoken in years.  It’s a friendship that I treasured and feel it is time to catch up on old times.

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