Experiences VS Material Items

Recently I’ve had an internal dilemma about what I am working towards.  After some discussion with my wife as to our future goals, I think we’ve set out some achievable plans.  They may be a tad eccentric, but achievable nonetheless.  We will be working towards a goal for this year, next year, the year after and onward for the next 5-6 years.

The hardest part about all of this is the internal feeling to have for everything right now- the instant gratification.  Next year we want to travel.  It really fits in with our children’s lives and ours at the moment.  We are planning on making it one big hurrah that will make a great memory.  

But we still have a house that needs some updating and maintenance.  We want to update the bathrooms.  We really want a new kitchen.  New windows and replacing a sliding glass door are high on the list as well.  The home we are in was originally built by my wife’s father back in 1972.  We’ve owned it for ten years now.  We will probably be here for at least another ten.  Who knows after that.  

But that leaves us with a dilemma- how much money and time are we willing to put into this home?  Nothing big is planned over the next two years, just keeping the maintenance up.

Of course I also like my toys and gadgets.  But I really don’t need them.  Nearly every oddity I desire to acquire will be seriously debated prior to purchase.  95% of the time I do that anyhow.  But that small amount of spontaneous purchase isn’t always cheap.  In order to be able to afford the experiences I need to ask myself, “do I really need it?”  Then check back a week later or a month later and if I’m able to do without, I do without.

Experiences are a far better way to spend my time and money.  But a home is also a necessity in my life.  There needs to be a balance.  That’s my focus these days.

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