It’ll Buff Out…

It finally happened.

A dent in my new car.

It wasn’t even my fault.  My wife was driving at the time.  She bumped into a cement pole.  Ever so slightly, but enough to cause a dent.

She felt so awful about it she had to call me and let me know right away.  As crappy as the situation is, I’m not angry about it.  Stuff happens.  My car is bound to get more dings, dents and scratches as the years go on.  The first one always sucks.  At least this time I get to tease my wife about it.

The car doesn’t just have a backup camera, it also has two side cameras and a front camera.  It also has sensors warning when you are getting to close to an object.  Yet somehow, my wife was able to ignore all of these safeguards and hit a pole.

I’m not perfect by any means.  The majority of the dents and bumps on our Honda Element came from me.  I scraped the front bumper along a cement wall, I caught the front wheel well on a cable ripping out a bunch of bolts, and I once backed into a pole and damaged the tail light.  None of these ever got repaired.  They stayed as reminders of how stupid I’ve been.

The dent on our new car is getting fixed in a couple days.  My wife doesn’t want the reminder.  I’m ok with that.  My baby will look brand new again.  Maybe even a car wash is in its future.

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