Daily Affirmation…

I started my day this morning by posting a favorite quote of mine prior to leaving for work:

It received 22 likes/hearts for a Monday morning random quote.  I was hoping for it to be true as I headed off to work.  I posted it because Stuart Smalley was a favorite of mine.  He says this daily affirmation to himself and really wants to be liked by everyone. There’s nothing clever about the skit. It’s just delivered really well.  Saturday Night Live has had its wacky characters over the years.  Some better than others.

Not today. Not today…

But as my day went on I didn’t feel good enough or smart enough.  I hit a few stumbling blocks at work for a day that should have been a good day.  I thought that I was getting a real knack for the job.  People were usually glad to see me, work was getting done, a sense of accomplishment would round out my day.  My day just didn’t go as planned.  

I made through the day.  A bit worn mentally, but I felt better leaving work behind.  I called my wife on my drive home (hands free- safety first!) and we spoke about my day.  She’s always a great listener and advisor for me.  I then called another friend and his enthusiasm just made the last of my drive home that much better.  Hearing happiness and adrenaline in his voice made me feel that life really is good, even on a bad day.  It could always get worse.

Thinking about how I started my day and how it ended reminded me of the “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” skit from SNL. Sometimes I miss Phil Hartman’s voice over. He was a great actor who could deliver some funny bits.  But I digress.  My day is over and only two more to go until my weekend.  

I can do this.  Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it- people like me.

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