20 Years Have Got Behind Me

Pink Floyd mentions ten years behind you in the song “Time”.  Double that for me today.  

Today I discovered by complete accident the most unlikely of time capsules in my home.  Behind my computer was an old agenda of mine started twenty years ago.  I took it everywhere with me for about five or six years.  Inside I found remnants of my life from long ago.

I discovered old business cards from friends as they took on adulthood with pride.  I also kept one from my father’s old business.  I found a half dozen old concert ticket stubs- mostly faded and crumpled.  There was even two defunct video store cards still in my possession although the stores are long since gone.  There were a couple of credit cards and points cards that I forgot about.  I wonder how many points I have left in my Sears Club Card?

This agenda was my life blood.  It was filled with names, and phone numbers -even a couple pager numbers- of old friends.  Remember having to write names out or memorizing the digits?  I have a tough time doing that now.  But reading through the names and business cards made me realize that my friends have all gone on to be successful in many facets of their lives.  And most of the names I wrote in here- I still follow on Facebook.
The biggest surprise in my agenda wasn’t the names, the video cards or the ticket stubs.  What caught me off guard was a receipt.  A receipt from Spring of 2001.  Just shy of $300. At that time it was half a pay check for me. The payment squeezed onto a Visa card that was getting maxed out to every last penny available. The purchase?

Our wedding rings.  The single greatest purchase that changed my life forever.
My unknowing time capsule showed me who I was and reflected on where I’ve gone.  This agenda was my life.  Stickers and all.  It was me.  It still is me.  

Even as I close up the agenda, I can’t help but smile at my life. Every person I met, every moment I cherished- somehow the bits and pieces made me who I am.  

And I know who I am.

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