Lucky 13.

Our daughter turned 13 today.  Last year I wrote about how wonderful she is.  Read about her Here in case you forgot.

Six teens playing in an otherwise empty bowling alley.

This year she celebrated her birthday by taking a few of her friends bowling yesterday.  (Probably because we went last month for my birthday and I wrote a blog about it.)  After bowling we went back to our place for pizza and the girls had a sleepover in our theater room.  Noisy, giggly pre-teen/teenage girls up all night goofing off made for a quiet morning after.  When they woke up- I made them all birthday cake waffles- using cake mix instead of waffle batter BEST IDEA EVER. The afternoon became quiet as our daughter’s friends all left the house and we cleaned up.

For dinner we went out as a family to our favorite sushi restaurant: Nikko Sushi.  We go there for everyone’s birthday.  The owners are quite surprised at how much sushi my kids will eat.  But the owners have watched all three out our children grow up.  The restaurant opened a few months before our first daughter was born.  We have been going ever since they opened.  In fact, April 14th, 2004- the night before Darwin was born, we went there for dinner.  We have always been loyal customers and the food is exactly what we expect every time.  Delicious.

We came home after dinner and realized it was just after 6:00pm.  The birthday girl wanted to play a board game.  So she chose Monopoly.  Today was probably the only day she would ever have been able to convince my wife to play.  My wife despises Monopoly so much so that this was also the first time I’ve ever played with her as well.  Sad part?  My wife slaughtered us all.  And wasn’t even kind about it.  She destroyed her son by taking his Boardwalk as payment one turn.  The only property that our ten year old was proud to have.

After our rousing game of Monopoly, we enjoyed the cake that our oldest made for her sister as a gift for her birthday.  Earlier today as the cake was being iced- more icing was being sampled than used it seemed.  Because at the table, the sides of the cake were lacking some icing… But the artwork was exactly what our daughter wanted.

A big Happy Thirteenth Birthday to our little Darwin Petra!  She is a wonderful little lady with a beautiful personality that has earned her some really close friends. 

We love you Dee-Dee. We are lucky to have you as our little girl.

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