Bicycle Ride

Today we cleaned up our yard and outdoor storage.  We pulled out all of our bicycles as well. I oiled the chains, pumped up the tires and adjusted the seats and brakes.  We gave them a good wipe down and took off for a ride up to the local elementary school as a family.

I brought my cellphone and a small Bluetooth speaker in my pocket.  Of course I played “Bicycle Race” by Queen as we rode along.  The sun was shining and everyone was happy.  We arrived at the school and I put the speaker in the grass and we made a circle around it.  Then we played frisbee. Just passing back and forth while we were singing and dancing to the rest of Queen’s Greatest Hits album.

Today was all about quality time as a family.  None of it forced upon the kids (or my wife and I for that matter). These are the moments that make me realize we are doing something right as parents.  As a child I had a few bad experiences on bikes.  Some involving stitches or a dislocated elbow. I shared one story last year on Father’s Day that was upsetting to me. But even after scrapes and bruises- I always got back on my bike.

I’m not sure how many more of these adventures we will have as a family around our neighborhood. But I’m going to do my best to not pass them up.

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