Today is a Provincial Election vote in British Columbia. And as usual the voting goes like this:

Party number one is in power and wants to stay. They have the most ads in place stating all of the wonderful things they’ve done while in power. They are also able to point out the worst case scenarios if party number two gets in.

Party number two is a strong opposition and wants in. They are quite good at showing all the bad that party number one has done while in power. They also promise a lot to the people with hopes it will capture more votes.

Party number three has the values that most people agree with, but has never been in office, so most people are unsure if it would be wise to stray from one of the two main parties and vote them in.

Voting is a right that we are lucky to have in our country. Sharing your opinion through social media is also our right. A recent share on social media pointed out in a not so subtle manner that because people voted for party number three, those votes could have gone to party number two and defeated party number one.  This bothers me.

It bothers me because part of the logic is correct.  If all of those votes went to party two, yes party one would be out. But why scare those who support party three? I struggle with this as well because my heart tells me to vote one way, but my brain tells me to vote another. And my voting history tells me whoever I vote for never wins.

So, do I vote for a party whose values I agree with?

Or do I vote for a party in order to give them more votes and hope they defeat the one in power?

Or do I vote for the one in power and hope that my bad luck robs them of their place in power?

I probably won’t know until I mark my ballot.

Or I could be a non-voter.

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