Totes Inappropes

Sometimes you can’t do much more than laugh at the ridiculousness of life. The silliness of the human species and how we look is full of humor. I have a tendency to enjoy toilet humor, always have.

As a young boy, jokes about penises and bums were the best- as long as you didn’t get caught by an adult.  Adults that I knew in the late 70’s early 80’s didn’t want to admit to the humor found in it.  So, we as kids wrote melodies and had goofy songs that we shared amongst ourselves.

When I became a teen, I discovered the joy of “Monty Python“. Some of the greatest humor from a couple decades prior now entered my life.  And it was wonderful.  Sex jokes, war jokes, political humor and just plain old stupidity filled my TV set. It was a glorious time in the early 90’s. Of course shows like “Married With Children” were now a bit more risqué and fun.

Jump ahead a few years… the Internet happened.  Sex jokes, dirty humor, and cat videos filled the digital airwaves.  The only problem was it went overboard.  Offensively overboard. This caused a huge shift in attitude. Now instead of just a couple laughs or a snicker- everything is causing “micro-offenses”.

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