Deodorant or Antiperspirant

I usually put on antiperspirant fairly soon after my shower.  I shower every day. Or at least on every day that I plan on leaving my home. If I don’t plan on leaving my home or take a shower, I will put on deodorant…

But I don’t like it.  It’s a Speed Stick that I have owned for years.  I don’t like it for two reasons: One, I don’t overly like the scent. And reason B: it smells the way my father used to. 

That bothers me.  

Pretty sure this particular deodorant was a shitty Christmas stocking gift from my youth.  It somehow lived through many location moves and numerous ex girlfriends.

When I put it on, I think of my father. My father would smell of Rothman’s Cigarettes, stale beer and this deodorant. After a day of yardwork, this deodorant kicks in.  And the old man smell shows up. Sometimes bringing with it, my old man’s attitude.  A day of work makes me get angry at the littlest things.  The Speed Stick is like a pheromone that turns on my “Pissed off gene” and angry dad shows up.  I hate it. Yesterday was hard to contain those emotions, but I did.

Perhaps it’s time to turf the pit stick.

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