My Wife Loves Me- No Matter What It Might Look Like…

My wife has a sense of humor.  She married me after all.  I asked her why she loved me the other night and she said it’s because I make her laugh.  Something-something bedroom joke… Probably because this is me topless:

Ladies!  Hands off!  I’m taken and my wife was told no refunds! I’m pushing out the belly a bit, but that’s the full meal deal right there. Josef in all of his glory!  Look at that sexy pose!  How could she not love me?  She even enjoys driving me around:

This was today’s fun.  Pretty calm compared to some of our other banter.  I swear that some of my friends have become her friend on social media just to see her side of the “arguments”.  Neither of us has crossed a line against the other when it comes to the jokes.  The only thing that has happened is that now that our children are entering into their teen years on social media- we are watching what we write in that aspect.  I know if my parents were online joking about sex with each other- I’d have needed more therapy than I do now.

So my wife laughs at me.  I laugh at her.  We laugh together. Then she snorts.

As we grow older, we will continue to poke fun at each other’s flaws and shortcomings.  Because in the end, it doesn’t matter.  We’re in it together to enjoy the foolishness of life.

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