Just Add A Coat Of Paint

I want to do so much to our home.  Most of it is expensive and costly.  Like new tiles for the three bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, counters and appliances, new windows, plus all the trims… that’s just what I can think of while sitting in our family room. None of which I have money or time to accomplish this summer.

So instead I went out and bought paint.

Paint to clean up the look of the ceiling in the family room.  Paint for the ceiling in the kitchen to try and brighten it up.  Paint for the walls in the dining room to clean up the smears and fingerprints from the last 15 years of children and pets.  All of it in white.

Rant time:

I hate the act of painting.  Not the painting itself- that’s easy.  I hate the pre-cleaning, prepping walls/ceilings, taping off the edges, laying down sheets, all before you begin.  Then I hate the post painting clean up.  Washing rollers/brushes, removing the tape, putting socket covers back on, folding up the sheets, and making sure you didn’t miss any spots.  

End rant.

Usually I’m pretty proud of the final results.  The way the rooms look with a fresh coat of paint.  It’ll keep me from wanting to spend more money to replace the fixtures in the rooms for at least a couple of more years.  I’ll probably just end up painting some other rooms in a couple of years…

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