Life is Too Short

Sometimes you just have to take what’s dealt to you in life. Some things are out of your control. So why worry about it? Why freak out cursing and swearing?  It doesn’t help. Unless you are like me and enjoy over exaggerating the situation and pretend to really lose your cool. 

But I am usually pretty calm in stressful situations.  I have this uncanny ability to figure out resolutions to the problem. I can walk away for a moment, then throw my hands in the air, and shout, “Fuck this shit! I’m out!” Only I don’t mean it.  

There is often more going on than what you first see. It’s how you react to problems that defines what kind of person you are.  I am calm, cool and collected.  I can have a person yelling at me over the phone and losing their shit, and I’ll wait until they pause just long enough…. then I’ll ask if they are done and want to talk like adults.  I understand that some people need to vent.  I also understand that some people need to lie or manipulate.  I’m good at reading people even with just a quick phone call or interaction.  I’m the “People Whisperer”- just kidding.  But I don’t let things bug me.  

Like the graffiti I once read: Life is too short for soft core porn. That may not be relevant to what I am talking about. In fact it really has nothing to do with tonight’s post.  But it sure is funny. Life is too short to stay angry.

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