Share the Road…

Yesterday we had a couple of last minute guests over for a Canada Day BBQ.  One was an old friend of mine from high school.  The other was her man she tagged along with as he brought a trailer down to the Fraser Valley.  He does a trip down to Vancouver once a week. It was neat to hear his stories of travel on the roads from the perspective of a trucker.

We have done road trips as a family throughout BC and Alberta. We have travelled down the West Coast of Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada and Idaho. I have loved every minute of it. The majority of our drives are pretty spectacular.  The views of the mountains/ countryside/ cityscape are awe inspiring as they appear on the horizon.

As much as I hate being stuck behind a big rig or truck and trailer, I know that those people are just doing their jobs. Sometimes driving for long hours.  Really long hours driving, as I came to hear about yesterday.  It’s not fair to be upset at them for being on the road either.  Especially over a holiday long weekend. Because guaranteed, as much as I may be in a hurry to get to my destination- they are busy leaving behind family and friends. Of course there’s a bit of frustration when stuck in traffic or you set a time frame and miss it by an hour or two. 
But hey, your destination will still be there in the end.  So why not just relax. Read a bumper sticker or two.  Make silly faces at the van full of kids. Wave to the trucker as he safely pulls over to let you pass.

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