The Beach is That Way

After writing about Hawaii yesterday, my wife really wanted to hit the beach. So instead of going locally to White Rock or Crescents Beach, we went across the border to Birch Bay.  Even though it’s maybe a 45 minute drive from our home, I hadn’t been to that place in over thirty years. The only thing I remembered before going today, was the Candy Shop- which is still there.

We packed buckets and shovels to make sand castles.  The kids wore bathing suits because we read that the water is warm.  Into the car we went and discovered free parking and access to the beach.  All sun screened up, we excitedly made our way towards the beach.  And it sucked.

Hoping for nice sand or even pebbles, we found muck.  As we walked through, I suddenly remembered my childhood time there.  I had gone down with a friend one summer for a few days.  What I remembered clearly about that time was getting my boots stuck in the mucky wet sand.  I pulled my foot up trying to free my boot, but my socked foot came straight out. To regain my balance, I promptly stepped that socked foot into the wet muck.  That was the memory that hit me.  The rest of that childhood experience involved wandering around the crappy shops, driftwood and a poem about pink elephants.

Today was a bit better than that experience.  But the wind picked up quickly and made for a short stint.  I’m sure Birch Bay is lovely to go on short strolls or digging for clams.  It is not a place to enjoy the ocean air and water. My kids did their best to have a good time.  Our oldest brought her camera and took some great photos.  Including one of a barnacle covered tire that stood like a beacon, and a warning of the crappy conditions.  To make this short trip a bit better, we went to the candy store.

The candy was a nice treat to an otherwise poopy morning. But we can honestly say that we don’t need to go back to Birch Bay ever again. Time to plan a trip to some sandy beaches and warm ocean swimming…

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