Breakfast for Dinner?

It’s a beautiful summer evening.  Tonight would be a perfect night to BBQ or order a pizza.  When I was younger, we had a fantastic home with an inground swimming pool.  My sister and I, along with friends, would swim all day long.  It was relaxing and fun.  The summer months flew by.

On a night like tonight, my parents wouldn’t bother making a dinner.  Instead we would have what my parents called a “cold plate”.  Essentially it was breads, cheeses and sliced deli meats all laid out to make our own sandwiches.  This is also where I discovered how much I love deviled eggs.  I also discovered that if you eat too many, you have an “oopsie” if you trust that fart. Even worse is when you’re a twelve year old boy that is sitting at a picnic table, still wearing the swim trunks, damp from swimming, and trust that fart.  Literally a wet fart.  I now limit myself to two deviled eggs, no matter how good they taste.

So tonight, I just want some enjoyable comfort food.  Something easy & tasty, and not too processed.  We don’t have any deli meats or artisan breads at the moment.  We did receive some country fresh eggs yesterday and we have a large smoked ham.  I was thinking of making deviled eggs, but would much rather enjoy them in another style.  Tonight it’s breakfast for dinner! I’m going to make everyone some sunny side up eggs and ham and toast.  Easy and delicious.  

And no “oopsies” planned… hopefully.

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