Nacho Break

This afternoon was the perfect day to share a plate of nachos with my family.  My children had never shared a plate of nachos before, so that’s exactly what we did. We went to the one place I remember always getting a large plate of nachos to share with friends- Boston Pizza.

We shared a plate of over priced and small portioned nachos from Boston Pizza.  Needless to say it was disappointing.  This has secured the fact that we will not be returning to any of the Boston Pizza franchises for food.  It also means that my children as they grow up, won’t want to go to Boston Pizza with their friends. One person tells five and they tell five, etc… 

With the fact that the food was over priced and not in large portions hurt my feelings.  It pissed me off because my wife and I remember mounds of toppings that even four grown adults would have trouble finishing them. In order to not be discouraged from nacho share-ablility, I am making it my goal for the rest of the year to find a perfect plate of nachos.  

It needs to pass three simple factors:

  1. Large portions
  2. Price
  3. Taste

None of the nachos are to be “specialty” nachos. Simple toppings of cheese, ground beef, peppers, onions, and tomatos.  Side of salsa and sour cream. No cheap nachos and watery cheese either.

Please comment on some of the great nacho places that you have enjoyed. I don’t want to lose faith in nachos.

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