As You Wish…

Today is our daughter’s 15th birthday.  My wife and I offered for her to do whatever she wanted.  She could have a party, go out with friends, go shopping, pretty much whatever a 15 year old girl would want to do. 

Here is what she chose:

  1. Bake and ice her own cake.
  2. Watch Netflix.
  3. Play badminton.
  4. Go for sushi.

It’s really convenient that she is a low maintenance child.  She enjoys a calm & relaxed lifestyle.  She’s content to read a book or paint a picture.  She’s not as outgoing as I am, so I need to remember and respect that. Today is her birthday. She could’ve done whatever she wanted.  She chose to be around the house and spend time with us as a family. Her wish to do nothing out of the ordinary was granted.

As you wish.

Happy Birthday Random.  

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