I am tremendously upset this morning, besides not having the most stellar night at work. I came home and made myself a pot of coffee and some toast. Mind you, in our home we prepare the coffee the night before and have it on a timer to start in the morning. So if I get home before the timer has started the coffee, I just turn it on. No big deal.

But for the second time within a week, after I pour my cup of coffee, I find a small dead moth floating in it. You have got to be f**king kidding me. Twice. In a week. What the hell. I'd like to think it's because we make strong coffee, but that's a lie. I don't know if the moth was in the cup before I poured the coffee. Or if it was in the coffee pot drowning in the hot liquid. Or in the sugar and again, died in the coffee after being submerged.

I am very upset by this. But not so upset that I would pour out my coffee. So I'm going to share a couple of my monster movie experiences.

When I was a little boy of about age 2 or 3, I saw my first Godzilla movie. It was on a tiny little black and white tv in an apartment building (or hotel?) that my parents were in for a brief while. My mother was busy doing laundry and ironing clothes while I sat on a vinyl foot stool with my face nearly pressed up against the screen. I remember vividly the steamy smell of the ironing as I watched what seemed to be a marathon of Godzilla films. I remember Mothra and Mechagodzilla battling it out with the king of the lizards.

It was a surreal moment being a few floors up in a high rise with the curtains open and the tv showing monsters trashing the city. To me, this was the best thing ever. A little boy whose imagination hoped to see a monster outside during the commercial breaks. Over the next few years, I remember playing in the bathtub and pretending to be a monster splashing around battling other monsters.

The years passed, and I outgrew the bathtime silliness. I had all but forgotten about the monster movie series. The next time I saw a Godzilla film was "Godzilla 1985" at a friend's birthday party. Then I became obsessed all over again with cheesy Asian films. In the summer of 2000, I took my wife to see Godzilla 2000 in the theater. It was a Saturday matinee and we ended up being the only two people in the auditorium.

So thank you little moth for dying in my coffee. I am now going to find some classic Godzilla films to watch with my kids. They need to understand the beauty of a man in a rubber suit trashing a city.

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