Seriously Not Serious

Those who know me, know me well. I have a difficult time behaving stern and serious. I'm not saying that I don't take certain situations seriously, I'm just saying that life should be enjoyable.

I think my sense of humor has passed on to my children a bit as well (like I mentioned the other day in my post: Tuck Your Balls In.) But my enjoyment of life also passes on to my friends and coworkers as well. I find sharing anecdotes and laughing makes everything better. Like Monty Python once sang:

I used to enjoy Monty Python. I think I need to dig out my old Python CDs and DVDs to enjoy some of their classic bits. British humor is always clever. So easy to poke fun at life, or death, if you can't take it seriously.

Now I'm off to text a dick joke to a friend to brighten his day. Hopefully he doesn't get all choked up by it.

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