My Spoon Is Too Big

Some of the most fun in life is to quote things that people don't get. Sometimes a reference is funny and just sounds amusing when said. "My spoon is too big." is one of those phrases. Goes hand-in-hand with "I am a banana."

Or chanting the word "Dick" over and over then shouting "BALLS!" It's from a funny video that I enjoyed laughing at a few years ago.

Or quoting an old Jim Carey film. Some people born pre-1995 get the jokes. While youngins say these things not knowing where the quote is from. Usually they think it's from some YouTube personality.

I know I've said things that I thought were from one comedian, but it was actually from something completely different. "They're all gonna laugh at you!"

This brings me to my last point- I've enjoyed listening to some old comedy albums of the 90's again. Adam Sandler, Dennis Leary, The Jerky Boys… all great at their peak, and some still have a few good jokes or songs that really hit the mark.

Not all of it is funny anymore. Maybe it never was. Maybe my sense of humor is changing. Perhaps I'm getting older. Perhaps I care about clever humor once again.

And poop jokes. Those are funny.

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