Calm, Cool, Collected

Today could have turned out better for everyone. However, in the end, it turned out just fine for me.

I had a bit of a moment where I was in the right and stuck to my guns. But the person who was wrong became more belligerent as the realization was coming that he was wrong and made mistakes. I was waiting for him to figure out the solution to our dilemma. That was proving to be difficult as he tried to muscle his incorrect opinion as the right one.

So I remained calm. I could have blown up. I could have said derogatory words. I could have attacked his character. But I didn't. It's not like me to do that.

I remained cool. I repeated my stance without raising my voice. I explained why it was the right thing to do. But every time I did, all I heard from him was "You're f**king up the parade, José." He was trying to beat me down to a level where I would concede to the wrong decision.

I kept myself collected. It's not easy to know when to pick a battle of wits. Today, I knew the mistakes were his. During his defamatory comments, I figured out a solution. One that he had missed because all he could do was tell me that I was "f**king up the parade" by not taking the easy route. Had he remained calm, he would've seen the same answer. Funny thing was that it was an easy solution as well and got the best results.

Being right felt good. Being both right and staying calm felt great. In the end I was right and my way worked out. I know that one day he and I won't see eye to eye again. Perhaps then he will be right.

Remaining calm is an easier way to find solutions. It always is. I am slowly earning the nickname Superman that has been given to me.

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