Super Trooper

My wife was a real trooper yesterday. She got her vision corrected in the morning (read about it here: Fricken Laserbeams). In the afternoon we went shopping and then out for beers.

This is a quick screen shot between Lee-Anne and her friend. Lee-Anne was ready to go have fun and wasn't about to let a little surgery stop her. Lasers cutting into her eyes? No big deal- let's go for beers. We even went out to visit another friend later in the evening. What a champ. Until she went to bed.

She ended up not sleeping much last night. Today she was miserable. Her eyes were upset at her for not keeping them hydrated yesterday afternoon. So she is paying the price. Unfortunately, last night I was as well. I was up with her every time she needed eye drops. I felt bad for her. So I did my best to help out by applying the drops for her.

I couldn't imagine the pain she is going through. I have better than 20/20 vision according to my doctor. Even yesterday when Lee-Anne was asked to read the letters shown to her, I was able to read the smallest line- even with the letters displayed mirrored for me.

Perhaps once she is recovered, her vision will be closer to normal. Today, her doctor was surprised that she was healing so quickly. I personally think she should've taken it easier yesterday, but she wanted to go hard. My wife is a Super Trooper. She won't even cancel our plans for tomorrow afternoon. Like she said moments ago when asked if we should cancel plans, "tell her I f**king don't eat with my eyes either. I'm f**king eating brisket tomorrow. With or without her."

Go Lee-Anne! I think she's blaming the drugs for her swearing too.

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