Great Wolf Lodge

Yesterday and today we enjoyed the water slides and Great Wolf Lodge. It’s a perfect ending to our summer vacation. Having children of an older age makes it a very different experience than the time we came here five years ago.

The first big change was requesting to stay on the Top Floor. Eight stories up- there aren’t any children running up and down the halls. We have a decent view of the side of the Resort as well.  The next big change- all of our children are comfortable in water. Neither parent forced to be with a child on every slide.

My wife and I took full advantage of not having to be with the kids. We snuck off to live life like a couple of teenagers. Sort of.  We were the parent couple that held hands walking up the stairs to the slides. We laughed and screamed as we went down the slides together. But our ages began to show. The exercise going up the stairs winded us.  Down the slides- the spinning and going backwards made us nauseous after a time.

Hours of waterparking gave us dry skin and prune hands and bad hair. The kids were independent and we were tired. There were no changes in how Great Wolf Lodge looks or is run. If anything, rust and peeling paint was more prevalent. The place is showing its age.  

Soon, our children won’t care much to return here.  But for now- it’s all about the fun!

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