Problem Solving 

Trying to resolve issues can be a pain in the butt. Even worse is when you’re tired. Throw in a night shift and that’s a trifecta of troubles.

Sometimes my night shifts make me loopy. When I get to a point that I’m stuck trying to solve a problem, I do the one thing that helps.  I sing about it.

I do this to get the ideas flowing again.  It channels a new part of my brain or something. It makes me creative and a bit crazy. My songs don’t always rhyme either- I’m not living in a fantasy Disney movie, sheesh. Sometimes it’s just a string of words thrown together in an attempted melody. 

In the end most of the problems are resolved or on the path towards resolution. At least at work they are.  At home- I’ve usually pissed off my wife with my singing to a point of creating a new problem. C’est la vie.

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