Today my wife and I are going to get new passports for the family.  The last time we did this was five years ago. The only country we have entered on these passports is USA. So we have had no stamps on them.  It kind of makes me sad, but at the same point- they look pretty cool under a black light. If all goes well, with the new ones we can get some real travel going.

My wife and I are going to get the ten year passport renewals.  (The children are only able to get five year ones.) I am hoping that over the next few years we can actually get some stamps in our books.  Even when I was younger, the only country I have ever been to outside North America is Scotland. It’s time to make amends to this situation.

Having a ten year passport means our picture will remain the same for a long time.  Hopefully the biggest changes will be in our personalities as we experience other cultures and more of the world. I’m looking forward to our future exploits.  Perhaps even a couple within the first year.

As they say, “Happy travels!”

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