Cancelling Car Radio

Today I cancelled my SiriusXM subscription. It was a small headache bordering on frustrating. Here it was step by step:

  1. Go online and log into my SiriusXM account. Easy peasy.
  2. Search entire website for 20 minutes to find out how to cancel subscription.
  3. Find 1-800 number because you can’t cancel online. You can add services online however.
  4. Call 1-800 number 3 times.  Get disconnected each time when I choose “cancel subscription”.
  5. Get thru to representative.  He was nice enough until I tried to cancel my subscription. Then he tells me I need to go to the Canadian service and gives me another 1-800 number because they can’t transfer me.
  6. Hang up and call new 1-800 number. Line is not in service!
  7. Go back online and Google search “How to cancel SiriusXM in Canada”.
  8. Find a third 1-800 number and dial up. Begin to feel exasperated.
  9. Get thru to a representative quickly. This was nice for a change.
  10. Tell representative I am looking to cancel.  Sales pitch now on.  Offers a small monthly discount.  I say no thanks.  Offers BIG discount now. Claims he shouldn’t be doing this for me.  I say no thank you, please just cancel my subscription.
  11. Put on hold for 15 minutes.
  12. Representative jumps back on tells me it’s cancelled and gives me verification code. We go our separate ways.
  13. Go to car and don’t turn on radio since I am still annoyed.

I don’t like to complain, but it was an arduous experience to say the least. I stayed calm the entire time and didn’t bother to express my frustration.  However, I can see how the auto renewal keeps people using services they don’t need. Now that I’ve cancelled the service for my car, it’s time to set up the local radio stations.  It’s been nine months of owning my car, and I only had NEWS1130 programmed in. At least I was keeping up with current affairs.

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