Bending Will

The difficulty with life is that we try and make people act or think in a way that we ourselves want them to. We each have ideals and values that bring out our emotions, so we often try and get others to experience it as well.  Even with my blog posts- I am trying to get people to think or feel something more.

It’s a fine line we all walk as well.  Trying to encourage or intimidate people to bend to our will- oftentimes not realizing the effect it has on one another.  Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve done it either. Simply put it can happen like this:

  1. Ask a question of someone
  2. Not get the answer you wanted
  3. Expression on your face changes
  4. Other person’s feelings change in reaction
  5. Now everyone has a different outlook

It could go both ways as well.  Good or bad. Maybe the answer surprises you and you both feel happy. Maybe the answer upsets you and now you both feel resentful.

All of this is just my observation.  Maybe I’ve made it so you’ll be conscious of it next time it occurs.  Most likely we will go on living how we do and interacting the same.

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