Hearts are strange. 

Physical hearts are the organ that pump blood throughout our bodies. They do some weird stuff too. Like flutter and skip beats.

My father-in-law had quintuple bypass surgery following a heart attack. A heart attack that occurred the day after my daughter’s first birthday- twelve years ago. A few years after, he had a pacemaker installed. He’s still going strong and active at nearly 85.  

My mother has blood pressure issues. Something that is being controlled now and she watches after her health a bit more religiously than before. She plans on being around for a few more decades.

What makes it so that a heart keeps working? Is it healthy eating? Exercise? Removing stress from your life? Any or all of that? Who knows.

When feelings enter into your head, it feels heavy on your heart. Or romance makes you feel lighter than air inside. We all associate that with our hearts. It’s a mind/body connection for many.

As long as I think I’m healthy, I generally stay healthy. My stress level fluctuates along the lower end- an almost incalculable state. I don’t fear the chances of heart disease. I also don’t worry about my heart being broken. Those to me are irrational fears. If they do occur- I’ll cross that bridge.
Until then, the beat goes on.

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