Ear Worm

There’s a tune stuck in my head from a song I heard the other day.  I don’t know the name of the song or the artist or even the words to the song.  The only thing I do know is that it’s an 80’s song.

Not much else to go on.  I can’t even hum the tune because it was of a higher octave than I can manage. But there it is, in the back of my mind pushing forward. I need to get some other song to take over until this one diminishes into oblivion.

I haven’t had this happen in quite some time.  Usually I can sing the song or find it online to get my fix.  But this one is different.  This one is killing me softly with its song.  

Even Khan’s ear bugs would be a nice change.

Nope.  Even trying to add lyrics from some other song isn’t working.  Time to turn the radio up for that sweet sound. Maybe I can drown it out.

One comment

  1. Journeying Atheist · October 6, 2017

    This usually cleanses my musical pallette. https://youtu.be/vmDDOFXSgAs


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