’98 Revival 

Back in the summer of 1998 a friend of mine dubbed it “Revival ’98”. Mostly because we were reliving each year over and over.  Nothing was changing. We all drank and smoked. Stayed up late at night watching Quentin Tarantino films and playing video games. 

No cared about future plans except who’s place we’d hang out at. Even then, we sometimes stayed out all night under street lights playing hackysack. We discussed philosophy and world events. Thinking we had all the answers.

That was ‘98. Relived over and over since ‘95. But it all ended.  No real reason.  We just slowly drifted apart. Life has a way of doing this, and that’s okay.

Over the past few years, I have met up with most of my friends individually from back then for an evening of reminiscing. Then we go our separate ways, each of us happy to have had a moment to talk of old times and old friends. Recently on Facebook, one of these old friends is trying to get a camping trip going for the end of next summer.  Of course everyone is showing interest now, but will we meet up again? Who knows? We all have lives to live. But it would be nice to let loose for a night and joke around like we did all those years ago.

I still have my hackysack ready at a moments notice.

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