Loss of Musical Artists 

Over the past couple of years, the world has lost some tremendous musicians. It’s bound to happen.  But their musical legacy will remain for future generations to enjoy. As I feel bad for the artists’ families, it reminds me that these artists were just people too.  People die- it’s kind of unavoidable in the end.

Instead of being angry at the world for taking these artists, I like to celebrate their achievements. Playing an old cd or song they wrote helps. The memories come flooding in of what those songs meant to me at one time or another.  Good times, good friends, great laughs, dancing, and even some sad moments. But that’s what music is for- to stimulate an emotional response.

The world is full of song. As each artist leaves the earth- their songs echo in our hearts. It makes me smile once more to hear them played on the radio. 

It’s better to celebrate their lives than mourn their demise.

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