The Thing

Last night I shared with my family the classic horror film, John Carpenter’s The Thingfrom 1982. Besides a few good jumps that scared my wife, I’m unsure of my children’s opinions on this masterpiece. It had been a few years since I last saw it and wanted to watch it- so Yay! Family Movie Night!

I originally saw the film in 1983 on Super Channel when I lived in Edmonton as a child. Again, my parents didn’t overly know what I was watching on TV as I grew up, so this one slipped by. I was seven years old and the film terrified me. Having seen “e.t.” a year prior- my ideas of aliens were limited to family friendly ideals. This was not family friendly. I believe I also watched “Alien” that year on Super Channel. 

It really was a Super Channel for watching totes inappropes films and TV.  I saw a lot of boobies as well- unscrambled (men my age know what I’m talking about). But there was a lot of shock and horror I witnessed as well. I believe this is what set me on my path of enjoying some gruesome special effects. 

The Thing” holds up quite well after all of these years. The use of practical effects really made it feel like these guys were in a frozen hell. Some of the stop motion was a bit cheesy, but for an early 80’s film- that’s part of the charm. As Halloween draws nearer, I am sharing with my children some darker films besides “Beetlejuice” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas” to set the mood. They all seem to be enjoying them, so we’ll soon find out where the line is. 

I’m thinking “Saw” just might cross that line. 

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