Panic Mode!

My wife is going through Panic Mode again. We have a speed skating meet out of town coming up and the weekend after is the Fan Expo Vancouver

As much as I try and calm her down it only seems to make things worse. So my new plan is to run away. But that’s making things worse as well for her, but easier for me. Which makes it worse when I am around her. 

Her panicking is just a way for her to release some steam and frustration. Once the convention arrives, she is calm and fun again. It’s getting through this pre-game that is tough on the whole family. I’m also finding that our oldest daughter is the same when it comes to her music performances. She gets worked up before the show, then nails her performance. Once everything is done, either a convention or concert, my wife and daughter both feel energized and happy.

Anyhow, I should probably get home again soon and see how my wife is doing. I can only stay out of the house for so long before she tries to change the locks on me.

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