Faking Sickness 

Back when I was in Grade 6/7 I stayed home “sick” a lot. My mother’s nurturing naive nurse’s nature allowed me to stay home. It would start off with a legitimate sick day, but I milked it for weeks at a time. Elementary school was relatively boring to me, so keeping up with my grades was easy.

Being at home meant TV viewing. Hours of game shows and talk shows filled my pre-pubescent mind.  I even got hooked on soap operas. That might explain while I’m such a romantic at heart…

Faking being sick as a child meant I knew when my kids were trying it as well. It was always easy to get them to “feel better”. All it took was explaining all the work they would be doing or the fun they’d miss out on in order for them to get better. 

I kind of wish my mother just told me to suck it up and go to school. She was a kind lady who really didn’t know what I was doing at the best of times as I grew up. Faking sick was the best way for me to not go to a place I hated being at.

But hey, now I’m really good at guessing the price of a can of dog food because of “The Price Is Right.”

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