Being Randomly Thought Of…

Recently on social media, my friends have been thinking about my wife and I. It’s flattering and super swell. It makes me feel loved.

My wife and I have a wonderful connection with one another. Often poking fun at each other in a public setting, such as Facebook. It’s always in jest. Nothing my wife posts is meant to hurt my feelings in any way. If I am about to post something about her that may be considered “unflattering” I will consult with her first. In public though, insults are commonplace and quick witted.

Over the past few years, we’ve had friends say that they want to have a healthy and fun relationship such as ours. I’m glad that our friends think of us when follies and fun are abound. Sometimes I forget how people can touch each other’s lives in some of the sweetest ways.

Thank you to our friends for thinking of us and enjoying watching our lives unfold. We love you all.

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