The Inner Me Hurts

Eating for me has been the worst. I have had digestive issues for about a year now.  It finally became too annoying that I decided to see my doctor. I explained to him how when I eat, food stops above my stomach and makes it feel like I am choking. So, our family doctor then sent me to a specialist. A specialist that I had to wait two months to see. After a 15 minute appointment, the specialist recommended a CT Scan and a scope. All of which occurred this week.

First was Wednesday where I had to get a blood test done. The worst thing about that wasn’t the needle. It was having to show up as the clinic opened and there already being a lineup. They drew blood and I was gone within minutes.

Thursday was a CT Scan. I showed up early for my appointment. Completely different from Wednesday- no one was there in the waiting area. I dressed in my blue gown and waited. It was kind of uncomfortable being mostly undressed in a hospital. After taking my selfie, I realized that I look like my father did towards the end of his life- in and out of the hospital/chemo. It was a humbling moment.

I’ve never had a CT Scan before. The machine looked ominous. When I lay down, there was a lovely scenery picture on the ceiling. Before I was slid into the machine, the tech inserted a tube into my arm to allow a “dye” to go through my body for some pictures. The sensation as the dye ran though me was unique. It started by making my throat warm and itchy, and flowed straight into my anus where it made it warm and itchy as well. Warmth from hole to hole… The lab techs were humorous and professional which made for a pleasant experience.

Today was day three in my row of tests. I was at the Langley Memorial Hospital again, only this time for a gastroscope. The scope was a lovely tube shoved down my throat with a camera. I had to be sedated for this one. I wasn’t quite under when the exam began, so I could sense the tube going down my throat. I felt like I needed to gag. I was in and out of consciousness for the procedure. My wife was kind enough to be my ride (and take photos of me sleeping after).

It went well I guess. Turns out the initial check shows I’m inflamed and I have acid reflux damage. The doctor inflated my stomach while the scope was down there. In the end, the doctor also took two biopsies. I need to have a follow up meeting with my specialist to discuss everything.

I hope that I can finally eat properly. But today I have a sore throat and a massive headache. Time to sleep it off. I do enjoy Naps. I’m hoping for a bunch of nothing from the results. But we shall see.

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