Awww, Poor Me.

I wrote a Pity Party Sob Story yesterday. I don’t overly share that sort of thing. Mostly I don’t want that kind of attention. I prefer to share tales of joy, friends, entertainment, good parenting and such. Tonight I’m going to share more of how I try and be positive.

Daily, I usually work on Positive Mental Attitude. Simple things like being friendly to a stranger or just not letting things bother you. A big part of being positive is removing negativity, especially in these categories:

  • Vocabulary
  • Emotions
  • People

Removing the negative vocabulary is a challenge. Using positive words when talking about others or writing emails is a great way to start. Even just talking to people.

Being emotionally positive is hard. Sometimes you feel run down and hateful. But focusing on the bad things makes it worse. Smiling helps. 🙂

Removing negative people from your life is the hardest. Sometimes they’re coworkers, other times, it’s family. But the hardest people to remove can be friends. Friends define who we choose to be around. They are the ones that are extensions of our personalities.

My life is full of great moments and fantastic people. I want to keep it that way. I want to enjoy life and stay positive. I think it’s working thus far.

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