Getting Into The Christmas Spirit Through Films

To me, Christmas and Christmas movies go hand-in-hand. We have a collection of Christmas DVDs that we bring out every year and start watching them as a family every couple of days or so until Christmas.

Last night we watched “The Polar Express” as a family. Usually we skip this one because the kids end up watching it in school at some point. It seems the teachers like this film or the live action “The Grinch” to show kids before Christmas break.

We also watched “The Powerpuff Girls” afterwards. PPG is what brought my wife and I together when we first started dating. Since then, we have gone out to meet the voice actors and had them autograph our PPG movie poster. I get good feels enjoying this animated short.

The last day of school, or shortly there after, we sit down and enjoy “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. It’s a great way to realize that doesn’t matter what happens over the holidays, as long as you make the best of it.

And of course, on Christmas Eve, we watch “A Christmas Story”. This has always been my personal favorite film every since it used to be aired repeatedly for 24 hours on tv back in the day.

We also watch lots of other Christmas films throughout the next 30 days. “Scrooged” “Elf” “Gremlins” “Die Hard” plus many more. I love that we can spend time as a family just enjoying these shows. It makes the Christmas spirit come alive as we near the final day. I’m pretty sure my kids will continue to watch these and many more festive films as they grow up.

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