My Love of Bacon

A few years ago, bacon was everything. I was eating it like nobody’s business. Always having a pack of meat at the ready. Mmmm bacon… everyone knew it as well. They expected it from me when they would show up for a meal.

Bacon has always made me happy. I have wrapped numerous foods in bacon. Hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, even bacon wrapped turkey a couple of times. But oven baked is my personal favorite. Add a touch of steak spice or brown sugar to pull more flavor forward. The bacon weave is prefect size for inside a sandwich.

I was given bacon floss as a gift one year. I’ve been afraid to open it, so it sits in my drawer. I was also given bacon scented soap and used that up pretty fast. It was my favorite thing to smell like!

My sister-in-law is the only expanded family that gives me a gift at Christmas every year. Bacon fudge. It is as decadent as you could imagine. And I’m not a big sweets fan- but holy hog is it tasty! I should’ve taken a photo, but it disappears too fast.

That’s it for today. My love of bacon. Mmmmm bacon…

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