Resolution Success Story

Yesterday morning I spent about an hour reading many of my old blog posts. I’ve completed nearly two years of daily blog posts. I am now going to reflect on my reflections as I reflected on life. Let’s step out of this inception spiral for a moment…

My writing has changed. Some of my older posts were really well written. Others were not. Some were far too long and wordy for no reason. Most never stayed on topic. I’ve even repeated my memoirs- which was bound to happen. However, the biggest constant is that I have been writing continuously and enjoying it.

These musings are a way for me to work out what’s going on in my mind and life. I love that people have read these posts. I am also happy that some have been shared. Somehow, I have inspired some friends along the way. Go Joe!

While I reviewed some of my previous posts, I wanted badly to edit them. I wanted to alter the information I shared. But that would be a lie to myself. As well, I don’t overly think anyone would re-read or notice the changes. So in the ether of the interwebs lay my mistakes and my past.

I’m ok with that. I’m not perfect. Even though I strive for perfection, I need to have a place to grow from. Looking back is great as long as I don’t get stuck on it.

Making It Up As I Go has been a wonderful personal experience. The experience has been larger than life for me. I have met some fantastic bloggers online that have encouraged me and also inspired me. My thoughts and musings have been read and shared worldwide. Crazy.

What started as a resolution two years ago to write more has become a daily routine. I shall continue to write and share about my life: Humor, heartache, health, happiness, Havelka…


  1. frazzledagain · January 4, 2018

    I’ve only been blogging for a little more than a month and I’m already re-reading my posts and thinking, “ugh!” But oh well, the reason I blog is changing for the better. It’s all a work in progress. Love your blog title too, it says it all.


    • Josef Havelka · January 4, 2018

      Thank you. I’ve found the hardest part about writing about my life is accepting the criticisms about the writing. It’s not criticism about what I write, but how.

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      • frazzledagain · January 4, 2018

        you have to consider where the criticism comes from, is it useful to you for improvement, or is it a hinderance to you. Don’t dwell on negative crap, You have to be true to yourself, you have your own writing style, sometimes finding it takes a while. We can all use improvement in our writing. You have to decide which comments will help your writing, and which comments to throw away. It is tough sometimes.


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