Astro Boy

Today was the third time my two youngest and I built some Gundam models that we had received at Christmas. I sat with them as they built their own “Petit’gguy”. They have a small collection of them now.

I walked them through how to read the instructions. I also showed them how to cut each plastic piece out carefully. Watching them assemble their models made me profoundly proud. Their concentration and attention to detail was impeccable. Once the kids were done, I started on mine. It was a calming activity that we all enjoyed.

During the builds- I put on “Astro Boy” from the early 80’s. We also have another box set from a more recent 2000’s reboot, but the original to me was a better fit for today. Astro Boy was my first introduction into anime when I was a young child. It was sci-fi fun that I connected with almost immediately. Through the years following, anime became a favorite genre of mine. My children have also developed a love of anime.

One time when we were driving down to Disneyland, we stopped at a gas station for a short break. On the back wall near the restrooms were a bunch of toys. My children had to buy me the Astro Boy characters that were there. It was really sweet that they wanted to make me happy. I guess they understand how to get to my soft spot.

Having connections with my children is something I’m really happy about. We share a love of many things. They’ve even introduced me to shows that they have become fond of- such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Teen Titans GO as well as others. We sit and watch together and talk about the shows.

Having quality time with my family has always been important to me and will continue to be for many more years.

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