Laughter Language

As our children grow older, their sense of humor has, um, evolved?

It seems that the subject of farts are always humorous. As well as letting them rip… Oftentimes there is a lead up to the passing of gas. My children have learned that timing is everything. We all enjoy sharing a good fart. Butt they are also upping their humorous talk around my wife and I.

Our kids are getting a bit more brazen with their jokes lately. Some of the language they use is going past the PG-13 rating. I can’t really get upset about it either. It’s partially my fault for being scurrilous mostly because my wife and I don’t try and hide reality from the kids. If they have questions about sex, drugs, or swear words- we explain what it means. As awkward as it was at first, it’s gotten far easier to do as they get older.

Unfortunately they now tend to use some of this language and/or get creative when “burning” each other. It’s getting pretty vicious at times, even in jest. But I love them and need to remember that I joke the same way around my friends.

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