Stop. Watch.

Today is another Saturday of Speed Skating for my two youngest. As the season progresses- their abilities increase. This is their first meet after the Christmas break but only a few race meets remain before the big three. Canwest, BC Winter Games, Provincials. This means my children need to get better times.

They each have personal bests. Of course the goal is to beat those PBs not just for themselves but to secure a spot in one of the 3 big races. Usually as I watch the races, I take pictures or video in order to reflect on afterwards with the kids. Seeing where their strengths were and what they could do to improve. Starts/stances/crossovers/etc… if my wife is at the races, she usually times them with her phone instead. I don’t like to use my iPhone in that way.

Today I decided not to film my children. I chose to watch them through my eyes-not the lens of a camera. I ended up buying a stop watch at this event in order to time them. It is much more accurate especially when a phone goes dark during the longer races. In fact, my time matched the official’s time exactly on a couple of the races.

Having an official stop watch will be handy. It also means that I can focus my attention on watching my kids more. This means more yelling of encouragement from the stands by dad. No more photos or videos for the next few meets. I can now put down my iPhone to stop and watch them.

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  1. frazzledagain · January 13, 2018

    That is exciting. I hope they qualify to get in. A lot of hard work ahead.

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