Dish It Up

Sometimes I like to focus on the mundane and bring it to the forefront of my writing. Today is a perfect example of it. The inspiration I have for my blog post- I am eating off of.

About a year ago my wife and I bought some new dishes. Not just one set mind you- we had to pick up two sets and matching serving dishes. We spent a small fortune on them, but I’m really happy about it for many reasons. First of all- they are square- even the bowls. Secondly, they are really heavy and durable- like high end restaurant dishes. They are stark white with no print or image. And lastly, they have a one inch edge around them framing the center of the plate.

The last point is the most crucial for why I love them. This rim has caused us to limit how much food goes on our plates. On our old plates it was filled to the edges. Mountains of food! Now we have taken out the overindulgence and allowed ourselves to enjoy the tastes again with healthier portions.

Having square shaped dishes also makes for cleaning them a breeze. They all stack neatly in the dishwasher and the cupboard. Not being round also changed the presentation ideas. A little more fun and frivolous with how the food looks…

Of course, we couldn’t just buy new plates. We also had to purchase new flatware to go with it all. We can serve up to sixteen people in a single sitting. Perhaps it’s about time that we entertain more often. Dinner anyone?

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