Brief Moment of Fear

Last night there was an earthquake outside of Alaska. It caused a Tsunami Warning for Alaska and British Columbia. It is now cancelled- with no bad after effects.

I was at work for the night shift and heard about it on the radio. I then took a moment out of my night and called my mother- waking her up- just to see if she knew anything about it. I then called my sister. My mother lives on Vancouver Island where the warning was most prevalent. My sister has a place along the water on the coast of BC. Even though it may not affect them, I chose to wake them up because a part of me does care about their wellbeing. Even if I don’t always act like I do.

This morning, people were waking up not knowing that this warning had occurred. But news is spreading quick in social media land. The brief moment of fear subsided for those of us who were awake when it happened. The sense of relief was fairly powerful and put everyone I was awake with at work in great spirits again.

I’m glad it turned out to be a precautionary warning. Had it been more catastrophic, things would be much more different in the attitudes this morning. Time to be a little nicer to my mother and sister because who knows if something could happen while we sleep. You may never get another chance to be a good person to those you care about.

One comment

  1. frazzledagain · January 23, 2018

    We never know when it’s our time to go that is for sure. I’m glad it was just a warning too, probably scared the heck out of your mom and sister.


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