Lately I’ve been enjoying microwaved popcorn. It needs to be buttery or extra buttery popcorn mind you. None of that low salt, bland popcorn.

It took me years to eat popcorn again after working at the movie theater. I hated smelling like popcorn after every shift. So I stopped eating popcorn all together for about five or six years.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, when we began attending the drive-in regularly, that I enjoyed popcorn again. Now we buy a large tub of popcorn to share with the kids. When my wife and I have a date night at the VIP movie theater- we also buy popcorn to enjoy with our beers.

Microwaved popcorn is also great for hotels on road trips. Microwaved popcorn at work is a quick and light snack. Popcorn is also a great shareable food that makes people happy.

It appears that I am back to enjoying popcorn on a regular basis again. We even have an oil popper that makes good popcorn for parties.

For those keeping track- I mentioned the word popcorn in every sentence I wrote. It was my goal to ensure popcorn got into your thoughts.

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