Shine On

Remember when you were young?

I sometimes forget that I was once young. Not the kind of “forget” like of memories or events- more the forgetting of emotional struggles. Those tend to bubble up when I engage in frustrating talks with my children.

Remembering that my kids/teens have to go through struggles that I went through is challenging. I don’t want to yell, argue or say something to hurt their feelings. Their psyche needs to grow and develop. Remaining calm, cool and collected is the hardest part about parenting.

I don’t want to extinguish my children’s inner light either. Having strong personalities and allowing them to express themselves are great attributes that sometimes come at a price to my mental awareness. The price of having to know when to guide them, when to scold them, and when to let them have control. As long as we talk and discuss feelings, I have found they are more aware of how their actions work. I will always love them, even during difficult times.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

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