Rugged Good Looks

On Saturday I had my quarterly haircut. The main reason I get a haircut is because I don’t like to waste shampoo or hair gel. If I need to use a handful of either- it’s time to chop. Getting a hair cut every three months is just how I roll.

As I said before, I’m generally lazy when it comes to things like that. I look good after my Barber takes off a couple of inches. Now I’m looking better than ever.

Even the fellows at work complimented me on my haircut. Strange how something so simple as that can make you feel better. (Not that I was trying to get compliments from my coworkers). But my wife is happy with my look as well.

Throw on some dress pants, a collared shirt- and BOOM! I look like a grown up. I don’t like to put on dress shoes, so I still wear my runners. I need to remain comfortable in my old age. Only, I’m not that old yet. Those days will eventually involve white Velcro shoes…

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